While we here in the Valley have had rain and cool, cool but a few days, rain for now 30 days, Fairbanks has been under a heat wave. Fairbanks has broke a record just as we have only instead of rain, they are getting heat and hot heat it is, “FAIRBANKS — The late-summer heat wave spreading across Alaska pushed the temperature into the 90s in Fairbanks on Sunday for only the fifth time in August since 1904.”

Read more: Fairbanks Heat Wave

Ah well, such is weather I guess.

The next bit of text has nothing really to do with this post. It just needs to be said.

Fuck You Tea Party! All Versions!
They really are the biggest bunch of losers I had ever heard about. You’re worried about terrorist, look in the mirror. You are terrorist, people with your bullshit lame ass right (extreme) wing Christian I’m better then you, Sarah Palin loving, Bush The Terrorist loving, to hell with anyone that’s not white, get rid of anyone that doesn’t believe as we do shit. FUCK YOU!

’nuff said.

That felt good.. Fuck You!

OK, I’ll stop now.

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  1. Geez Ed. That is quite a good rant… I love the ending. Did you just get back from a tea party rally or something? The tea party people up there must be way off track. Your rant sounds just like the stuff that Rachel Madow and Keith Olbermann talk about on tv. The tea party stuff down here isn’t anything like that… I think you would really enjoy the rally’s that they have here. They are mostly about getting the government the hell out of our lives an letting us live the way we choose… Not how they choose for us. I haven’t seen any of the religious crap, anti-terrorist crap or racist crap that you have seen up there. Mostly they have been about getting the government (both republicans and democrats) to stop spending us into oblivion. I hope those people you have up there get their heads out of their asses and get the message right….

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