After quite a crappy summer the weather has made an upturn in the past couple weeks, and looks like more to come. Temps have been in the mid to upper 60’s, some 70’s here and there, with bright sunny skies. Although, if you live in Anchorage, it’s been very foggy for a few days, but not out here in the valley. Current weather = perfect.

Our colors are at about their peak now and leaves are falling fast. With all the clear skies though there hasn’t been any termination dust yet. I’m sure it’s very close though.

No other real news to speak of, just life I guess.

Here are a few more photos from the other day.

Fall colors.

Fall Colors 091510.06.1024

Another view from along the Denali Hwy

Denali Hwy Views 091510.13.1024

Couple of info signs along the way.

Info Sign 091510.01.1024

Info Sign 091510.02.1024

’til next time

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