Day Of The Eagles

Headed out today with the dogs to Knik River then up to Jim Creek. The weather was just perfect, though on the cool side. We drove up along Knik River as far as Jim Creek. After playing around a bit with the dogs, I just happened look up into the trees and there it was, the first of many Bald Eagles.

* Added two more shots of the eagles.

Bald Eagle 101410.05.1024

Bald Eagle 101410.04.1024

Bald Eagle 101410.03.1024

Bald Eagle 101410.01.1024

Bald Eagle 101410.02.1024

Bald Eagle and Mountains 10.1410.01.1024

Knik Glacier

Knik Glacier 101410.01.1024

Swans over Knik Glacier

Geese Over Knik Glacier 101410.01.1024

Swans 101410.02.1024

More Swans

Swans 101410.01.1024

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