Laundry, Shopping And Not Much Else

I was planning on taking the dogs out for another run today, but just didn’t feel like it. Not really in the mood to do much of anything these days. I did get out for some grocery shopping, number one item on the list was dog food, other then that just random things for me to eat. Oh, and I needed to get some mouse traps, I have a few mice getting out of the cold.

Also, I turned comments for this blog back on. I’ll turn it back off if I get bombed by spam again. Fuck You Spam Bots! Fingers X’d.

Here are a few more photos from yesterday.

Emerging From The Fog 120810.02.1024

Sunset over the valley 120810.02.1024

Pioneer Peak Through The Trees 120810.01.1024

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  1. wow they are beautiful

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