All Mice Must Die!

At least in my house they must die. I have been at war with the dreaded mouse for a few weeks now. I kill a few, and a few more come to invade. Right now I’m in the middle of cleaning my closet, the little fuckers have been very busy in there, having to wash every damn piece of clothing that sits on the shelves. There is mouse shit everywhere. This is going to take days of washing!

I’d post some photos, not of the mouse problems, but my normal stuff, but I seem to be having issues posting photos to this blog. I keep getting errors saying that image posting is not allowed. Not sure what is up, but I really haven’t looked into it much either.will do soon though.

Anyway, back to the damn issue at hand.the damn mice!


I got photos to post again.

Hatcher Pass View BW 120110.01.1024

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