Lots ‘O News–Part Two

Well, not really much more news, I just couldn’t think of a title, so there.

Things here are moving, slow, then fast. Hard to keep up. I have stepped down from my position at Fred’s, going to part time. Thought that was a great idea, but no, now they (he power dip shits) feel I should just leave. But ha, as much as I would truly love to, I wont give them the privilege. Fuck ’em!

Also, worked out a deal with my landlord, it’s just that this week is going to be a tough one. After I start getting my checks from LTBB, things should be better.

Crossing my fingers on this one big time. Next week I will be applying for my old job, the official one. If I get the job, which I feel I have a good leg up on, I’ll have to move back to Michigan, good and bad. Again, for a later post.

Like I said, not much news at this time, but creeping up.

The other day I went out on the Palmer Hay Flats to see if I could get some photos of the bird migration, but it was kind of a crappy day so I think even the birds were hunkering down.

Geese 050811.01.1024

Geese 050811.02.1024

Hay Flats View 050811.01.1024

Mmmm, Mud…

Mud 050811.01.1024

Sand Hill Crane 050811.01.1024

Sandhill Cranes. If you look close, you can see many more “heads” in the distance.

Sand Hill Crane 050811.02.1024

Willow 050811.01.1024

Willow 050811.02.1024

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