Train Chasing, and Rabbit Sloth

So I headed out just to go to the store, got to the T with the Parks Hwy, and there it was, setting, not moving an inch, the Alaska Railroad cargo train not letting anyone through.Wanting to take a left, I sat there for a bit hoping the train would move, no such luck, so I took a right, instead of left,  just to drive up a bit and turn around and head to where I was going. After stopping and coming back out to the Jeep I noticed the train was just now starting to move. I thought to myself, hey, I know of a great spot to get a couple photos of the train traveling through. That’s where I headed. I waited for a bit for the train to arrive, took some shots as it rumbled by, then headed down the road. I then took a few more photos of the view over looking Rabbit Sloth.

Tomorrow, or maybe the next, I’m heading out with the dogs for a long day. The weather man is calling for mostly sunny with temps in the upper 60’s to low 70’s.

Alaska Railroad

Alaska RR 052211.01.1024


Alaska RR 052211.02.1024

Fireweed Rd.

E. Fireweed Rd. 052211.01.1024

Sleepy Mountain

Sleepy Mountain 052211.01.1024

Pioneer Peak

Pioneer Peak Closeup 052211.01.1024

Mt. POW and Twin Peaks

Mt POW and Twin Peaks 052211.01.1024

Large pano of Rabbit Sloth

Stitched Panorama


’til next time

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