First Hike of the Summer

Drove up into the Hatcher Pass area to see if Archangel Rd. was opened up yet, and damn if it was. Made a b-line to the end, turned around, parked, grabbed my stuff and headed off for a short hike. I wasn’t prepared for anything longer then a couple miles. Followed a path, lost the path, crossed a couple creeks, one almost falling in and cutting the hike short, found the path again and off I went. All I can say is, damn it was nice to get out again, no one around but me, a couple Marmots and a bunch of birds. Oh, and the peace of being alone with nature. Fred Bear, I could hear your foot steps.

Some of the photos from today.

Me Archangel Valley 061611.01.1024

Archangel Views 061611.01.1024

Archangel Views 061611.02.1024

Archangel Views 061611.03.1024

Archangel Views 061611.04.1024

Archangel Views 061611.05.1024

Archangel Views 061611.06.1024

Baby Marmot 061611.01.1024


’til next time

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