The Time Has Come…To Move Again

It’s that time again, moving time, a big move at that. I’m moving 4,200 miles back to Michigan. Without the help from my sisters and LTBB, I wouldn’t be able to make it, make it back to Michigan and work at LTBB. Dawn and her friend Kay are flying up on the 21st of July and driving my loaded truck back down the Alcan. I’ll fly out of Anchorage on the 25th to Great Falls Montana and meet them there. Yes, it’s about a 5 days drive from Alaska to Montana. I hope to spend an extra day in Glacier National Park and drive the Going To The Sun Road again. Then take off for Michigan and arrive home on the 3rd of August. I report back to work at LTBB on August 8th.

This was a long thought out decision, but in the end, it’s the best. Good paying work here has taken a nose dive mainly due to the lack of oil exploration. And ya know, there just is nothing like being wanted, wanted back in Michigan by friends and family, wanted back at a previous work place, just plain wanted.

There are many many things I will miss about Alaska, but trust me, I will be back. In the coming days, I may post my pros and cons of Alaska and Michigan.

Thanks to Dawn for doing a crap load of work, I found it on CraigsList, but she did all the leg work, I have a house to move back to. The location couldn’t be much better, about half way between Cross Village and Bliss, located on 40 acres, with a creek and pond on the back edge. Also, it’s withing walking distance to Wycamp Lake, one of my favorite places.

Some pictures of the house…She needs some TLC, but I’m really looking forward to that, it’s one of the big things I’ve missed doing.

Front of house


Master Bath

And there is a barn…YAY

And for those of you that don’t know the area…
Here is a shot of the whole town of Bliss

Legs Inn in Cross Village

Cross Village Post Office, the closest Post Office.

’til next time

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