Hatch Peak Climb

Today being independence day, I decided last night that I would just stay home and pack some more, didn’t happen. I awoke to partly cloudy skies, got something to eat, and headed out for a hike/climb up Hatch Peak. This is one of the hikes I wanted to do before leaving, glad I did it. The weather started out great, temp around 60?F with just some big puffy clouds. I got up to Hatcher Pass early enough so I was able to beat any crowds that were sure to arrive later, though none of these crowds would have been up where I was. I’ve been about half way up with the dogs before, but never to the summit.

So after lots of stops for photos, I reach the top of Hatch Peak. WOW! If the weather would have been just a bit better, all the Alaska Range would have been in view, a better view of the Matanuska Valley with Knik Glacier and River, and Matanuska River. I’m pretty sure one could see Anchorage from there to, if the skies were clearer.

Anyway, I hung out up there for a while taking in the views, then I saw the rain coming up Willow Valley. Thinking it was time to head down before the rain, I head on down. I sure didn’t beat the rain though, I got nice and wet, but at least I had my fleece to keep my upper half dry.

Here are just a hand full of the photos I took today… more to come, about 70 of them 🙂

’til next time

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