Marmot Mountain

Yesterday I went to hike up Marmot Mountain, got to about only 100 feet from the top, and my vertigo kicked in. Sat down for a while, took some photos, and headed back down…bummer. The climb was going well, though a bit steep, I would pick a spot to climb to and stop for a bit. I would then pick another spot and climb. Then finally as I was having to my hands to help due to the steepness, I just sort of freaked out, vertigo. Found a small lump to sit on for a while hoping to climb more, it didn’t happen, again, bummer. After climbing down a ways, looking back up, I realized I was just but a little bit from the top.

I did get a few photos on the way up and down, they didn’t turn out the best, but here are some of them anyway.

’til next time

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