Munising Waterfall Hunt

This trip started out with a few hurdles, but turned out great.

First off, get home from work on Thursday to find Eli hardly able to walk. His back legs are very wobbly. Called Vet, he said it could be a number of things, but to give him an aspirin and see what happens, basically. After napping in and out after 3 am when Eli decided to be all better. Got a wee bit more sleep before making the decision to go or not, but come morning, Eli seems to be doing fine, he went out again, did his business, a little run-about, so looks like all is a go, just a bit later is all.

Made it to Munising after stopping at Sable Falls near Grand Marais, this is the next hurtle.
My battery died in the parking lot of the falls, got a jump after flagging a couple nice ladies down. Drove to Munising, turned Jeep off, dead battery again.
Long story short… bought a new battery, damnit. Guy from NAPA was nice enough to deliver it though.
Anyway, all is well again.

First full day out was a great day out-n-about chasing waterfalls. Found the Yellow Dogs, Big Pup, and Little Pup falls where I haven’t been in years. Weather was wonderful, t-shirt weather and bright sunny blue skies, although that type of sky is crappy for photos, guess we’ll see once home. The drive to the “Dog Falls” was a bit tricky at times, first just the fact of finding the trails. Then came a couple downed trees in the way, first one I was able to make a path around, the second, no dice. Got out and started to walk just to find out we were only a few hundred feet from the falls. Because of the second trail block, had to back-track to Marquette and take the highway over to L’Anse. From L’Anse headed north in search of a few more falls. Time and sunlight were getting short so we only made it to Silver River Falls, a great spot none the less.

Second day was had a great surprise with a couple of wonderful hikes. First one was to Laughing Whitefish Falls, been to this one before, just been quite some time. Then came the real surprise. I had put in the coordinates to Rock River Falls in my GPS, made many turns on two-tracks/trails in the Jeep, then found were we had to start hiking. The trail started out great, but then progressed to some really slippery mud, but we continued on. After about 3 miles, came down a little hill turning to the right and Wow, what a sight. These falls fall about 25 feet into a pool before flowing down the rest of the river.
You can tell that very few people make it back to these falls by the trail you have to hike, in spots you have to really look to see where to go.
All I can say is that this was one of the best 6 mile (round trip) hikes I ever done.

To say the least, at great weekend!

Most of my photos from this trip, the ones processed so far, are on my photo site at…
Terra-Reflections – Waterfalls & Rivers

One of the many photos taken.
Yellow Dog River

’til next time

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