Not Much…

Nope, not much done today, too tired, didn’t get much sleep. Last night I covered the morning glories with plastic because it was going to get colder than 32°F, and it’s damn good thing I did, as it got down to 28°F. They all seem to look fine today, so I’m thinking that they have gotten over the transplant shock and made it through their first cold night.
Today I did spray around a bit with bug Tick killer. The dump trailer got hauled away, but I have to stop in there tomorrow to pay for the weight, fuck I hope it’s not too much.
The only other thing I did was hang a sign on the barn, a Big Foot Crossing sign. For a couple years now I couldn’t make up my mind where to put it, so today I said the hell with it, and put it on the barn. Ignore the busted ramp, I’ll probably just remove it, I have the back door working now.

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