Garage Packing

Trying to pack up the garage today, but it’s getting fucking hot out. It’s 84°F at 11:30 AM and climbing fast. I have the majority of the garage done, but probably the worst part still needs doing… the cleanup. I wish I had some other place to store everything so I had more room to clean and put boxes from inside out to the garage. When we moved here we did it in multiple trips, which in retrospect was much easier as there isn’t everything stacked up. Adding to this, I have zero help, either packing and the way it looks, moving. The packing I’m getting done, but the moving, I have no fucking clue what I’m going to do.

Update: Getting to fucking hot to do much more, it’s pushing 90°F now at 1:30 PM. I’m thinking I might mow the front and side lawns still today, they really need it and I don’t what the place I love to look bad.

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