Campground – Day 1

First full day here at the campground, yippee…Not.
The weather was damp and cloudy for a good part of the day, with the high temp reaching in the middle 70’s. As I type this it have cleared up quite a bit with some sunshine.
For being a Saturday, the place is pretty quiet, not much going on here. I got up around 5am-ish, had some coffee and headed for one of the showers. This first shower was not very nice at all, very small and quite a few bugs flying around. I did not like it. Tomorrow I will try another shower that looked much larger. I did get some much needed rest/naps in today though, and we (the dogs and I) sat outside watching the few people that passed by. Grizwald was his ever on alert self while out there, while Eli mostly slept enjoying the cool shaded ground.
Wifi internet here is sometime good and some not, and it doesn’t seem to be the number of people camping, it just blanks out for a couple moments then back on again, ah well. I did subscribe to DirecTV Now which is only $15 a month including HBO and I can cancel at any time. So, at least I have TV and movies to watch on my PC.
It’s a little after 7:00 PM, so I’m going to sit back and watch a movie.
Anyway, that’s about it for this first day at the campground.

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