Campground – Day 2

It’s 10:30 AM and I’m bored shitless.
Weather is partly sunny, temp around 70°, and humid. The forecast is for possible thunderstorms later, that should be interesting with the dogs in a fucking camper.
With the rush to get out of Home, I didn’t even think of bringing a book or two with me, damnit. I can’t really go anywhere due to Grizwald’s leg/foot problem and there really isn’t enough room for the two boys in the backseat of the shit car I have now. Not sure what to do.

To be continued…

5:30 PM – Early this afternoon the seller and owner of the camper stopped by to see how thing are going, he also took me over to the house to get my grill to take back to the campground. That was the excitement for today. Other than that, it was too fucking hot to even sit outside, so the boys and I just sat around and napped in the air conditioned camper. It looks like it’s starting to cloud up now. We’re suppose to get some rain and storms tonight and tomorrow. I still need to get a book and maybe a couple magazines to read, maybe tomorrow if there’s a break in the rain. For tonight, I guess I’ll try to find another movie to watch.

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