Campground – Day 3

Third day here started out with some pretty good thunderstorms and heavy rain. The boys did better than I thought they would with the thunder and being in a camper. The weather currently is  mostly cloudy with at temp of 80° and very humid and sticky.
This is also the first full day back at work with some pretty sketchy campground wifi. The wifi does work, but it blanks out here and there and has a weak signal even though I’m only a little ways from the access point.
Being cooped up in this camper is already starting to drive me nuts. I can’t let the dogs out on their own, nor is there really any place just to walk around.
I try not to think about things that are gone or lost, but it’s very hard and when I do, I break down again. I haven’t really talked with anyone in days, so that make it even harder.

To be continued…

The appraisal for the house I’m buying came back today, and it came in lower than the selling price. I called the seller and told him what it was and he said “Okay, we can do that”.  So anyway, now we have to write up an amendment to the agreement stating the new lower selling price. Damn good thing to, because I have no idea what I would do if they said No. Also, this should make my payment lower, so I guess that’s good to. I have to head over to their place around 6:00 PM to get things re-done.
I just want this to be over with.

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