Campground – Day 12

Rain, rain and more rain. It’s been raining all night and there’s small lakes throughout the campground. Funny thing though, all this rain and I’m out of water in the camper. I have a couple large containers to haul water in, but I’m going to wait until the rain stops, which should be fairly soon.
I still don’t have a closing date on the house, pretty much everything is waiting on the sellers to complete a couple of things.
I sure miss talking with my best friend, so much so I cry about it daily.

To be continued…

Moved to a new campsite this evening, it’s a site that can’t be reserved, so that means I can stay here for awhile I guess. The site is closer to the main road, but much more private, surrounded be trees, I can see the bay, and in fact, it’s quite nice. If I were ever to “want” to camp here, this would be the site I’d pick.

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