Campground – Day 21

Another warm night with lows only reaching around 65° and clear skies. I was up around 2:00 AM. The campground is filling up for the weekend and for the campground’s Harvest Festival.
I really, really hope to hear something from my lender today about a closing date. I’m running out of time here and need to get moving. The sellers are in the same circumstance.


This fucking place is packed, packed with kids. :/ They are all here for the campground’s harvest festival.
Heard a little from my lender about the house today. –  “I just spoke with the appraisal company and they said the final inspection was received today and it is now in quality review. We should receive a copy by Monday. The file will then go back to the underwriter for clear to close review.”
This house shit can’t come to an end soon enough. It could have been done a couple weeks ago if it weren’t for the place being a manufactured home with all the extra shit involved because of that.

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