Campground – Day 27

I can’t believe I’ve been here for almost a month, 27 long and boring days. Weather isn’t too bad (yet) this morning, temp around 55° and overcast. The forecast is for some pretty heavy rain later today and tonight.
Another day of waiting is in store for mortgage stuff. It should have been wrapped up yesterday or the day before, but no, the sellers fucked up with the title company. I just hope they truly have sorted things out. As the shit hit yesterday, I jumped online again to look at other places, but there just isn’t much, and what there is, or was, has already sold or is pending.

To be continued…

Nothing, fucking nothing. I emailed my lender today and she said they are waiting on the title company about payoffs and all the information from the sellers and their sellers, I guess. It’s turning into a clusterfuck.
I could buy another place, but I’m staying in the current sellers’ camper. I’m fucking stuck. I keep asking myself why I didn’t just fucking end it all months ago when I was really close to doing it.

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