Campground – Day 33

Autumn has set in it seems. Temp this morning is 46° and gloomy skies. This coming weekend the highs could struggle to get out of the 40s.
As of last night, still no word from the title company, it had better happen today.
I did hear from the sellers last night though with a question. They wanted to know if I would be interested in trading the double wall ovens for the refrigerator. The plan was that they were leaving the ovens and taking the fridge, but they changed their minds. Seeing I don’t need 3 ovens (1 in the stove and the 2 wall ovens) and I do need a fridge, I said yes. I’ll need to do something with the spot where the wall ovens are/were, but that’s fine.
So anyway, today will be just another day of waiting for the title company.

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