Campground – Day 36

Chilly morning, it’s 38° at 4:30 AM and sure to drop more before sunrise with a slight chance of rain and snow mixed.
I’m thinking of getting out for a bit today and try to get some fall color photos, not sure yet though.
Two more sleeps here at the campground then I start moving. The sellers have signed/closed Friday, not sure why I didn’t get a call to close also, but I’m told it will be Monday. Copper Range Title is one fucked up place, they don’t seem to have their shit together. I don’t even know what time my closing is as I haven’t heard from them yet, though my lender says they should have called. I tried calling them at about 4:30 PM yesterday, but they were already closed for the day. This really fucks up my scheduling on Monday for moving and such.
On another moving note…I’m not sure how I’m going to get things moved, I hurt my left wrist pretty bad yesterday lifting Grizwald into the camper. It’s hard to even type this.

That’s it, the last fucking time I take a shower in these fucking public showers. Last. Fucking. Time.

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