Moving Day – Day 1

Today starts out on the cool side again, with a temp in the mid to upper 30s and cloudy skies. The forecast is for some rain this afternoon, but we might be on the very northern edge of the rain, so if it does rain, it shouldn’t be much.
I start moving into the new house today. The main objective is to get as much done as possible to make a path in the storage building to enable me to get to my mattress and get it moved. The move “should” go much smoother and quicker than when I moved out and put everything in to the storage unit. There isn’t really any corners or stairs to haul things up and around. Also, I’ll have the large quonset to put stuff into until I’m ready.
Anyway, it looks to be a very busy few days.


Well, I’m in the new house!
It was a long hard day. First the day started out about 3 hours later than I wanted. Then the kid that was suppose to be helping me was completely worthless. Thankfully Ben came by to help with the mattress’. I figure it will take me a good full day, plus part of the next to get the rest of my stuff out of storage. The large couch, table saw and a couple other things will have to wait until this coming weekend when Ben can come back to help.
The boys are resting as it was real hard on them today also.

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