Getting Pissed Off

Yes I am! So the water here has an eggy smell when it’s first ran, hot or cold, but after a minute or so the smell goes away. There’s a Evolve Conditioner in the house, but the readout screen is broken and every night around 8:00 PM it starts beeping. With the screen broken, there is no way of seeing what is happening, like an error of some sort, so I just press a button (any button) to stop the beeping. Also, it seems like it’s not using any salt at all. Earlier today I contacted the closest seller/service place about the unit, which happens to be in Norway, MI. They told me that one, the PC Board needs replacing so that the screen then works, it’s all one unit. Then two, they said it sounds like the unit isn’t working at all and plugged up if it’s not using any salt and there is still a smell. Well, I was told by the ex-owners that it worked fine, just the screen was broken. Wrong! So, it’s going to cost me about $300 for the PC Board and another $125 for a service call to fix things up and get it working again. They also told me that the only service call the ex-owners ever had was the freebee one year after it was purchased, which was in 2013. It should be checked and a minor $7.00 part should be replaced once a year. With that being said, the service guy told me I could just unplug the unit now, which would stop the beeping, because it’s not working anyway and wait until the part comes in and the service call.
Anyway, I’m pissed off about this when the ex-owners said it was working fine.

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