Service Dude, or Dudette

The water conditioner service person is coming today between 10 and 1. Hopefully he/she will be able to get everything back in working order and get rid of the damn stinky ass eggy smell in the water.

Update – 12:00 PM… Well the guy has come and gone for the water conditioner / softener. He tested the water and said that it was really good water and not as hard as I thought. The unit it self wasn’t even processing/running water through (it was bypassing the water) before I turned it off. So, the stupid fucks that owned the place before me had no fucking clue. The service guy said that it should help with the smell, but if it doesn’t, all I would need is a filter at the pressure tank. He showed me one and they are very simple. I have to find the pressure tank, it must be under the house as I can’t find it inside. Another thing, now that the softener is working, it will stop the rust staining on everything. He also said that the water pressure was really good and strong, that I pretty much knew, but it was good to hear. Anyway, glad this is done.

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