TV…What To Do?

Before moving here I had DirecTV for quite a few years, and was very happy with it, though there wasn’t any internet. I’m now with Charter/Spectrum with internet. The internet speed is wonderful, and it’s been a long time since having this bandwith/speed, not since living in Alaska. The problem is the TV part of the service…It Sucks! The menu system really blows chunks and I really miss the new release movies that DirecTV has. So now I’m trying to work out what to do about a good TV service. No matter what, I’ll be keeping my internet with Spectrum. I could go back to DirecTV, but would have to wait until summer when all the leaves are out so that the dish is placed correctly for good service. To go along with all this, and as a possible option for all my TV needs, I most likely will get a Roku streaming stick. Now to make the Roku the main provider for TV, I do want a couple live channels, such as the local news.  I know I can get my local channel through streaming, but it’s all about the cost. If I can get the added up streaming services with my needed live channels at a lower cost than DirecTV, then that’s the way I’ll go. Lots of research to be done.
Weather today looks like a messy crappy one. We started out this morning at 26°F and should reach a high in the upper 30s late morning, then the temps should drop. Rain should move it just before noon then quickly change over to snow with up to 4″ of the wet heavy crap. So, I guess it’s a good day to search out what I’m going to do about my TV service.

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