A Storm Is A Comin’

I normally do my shopping on Fridays during my lunch, but I went today to beat the snow storm that might hit tomorrow. The forecast says between 6 and 12+ inches of snow with winds up in the 30mph range. Just about right on time, it is November.
So I went to Walmart to look for water conditioner salt, but there were so many fucking stupid ass people there I couldn’t find it, though I did find some peppermint spray for my mouse problem in the house. Damn I hate Walmart! I swear, most the people in there take pride in blockingĀ aisles, paying zero attention where the fuck they are turning or going, and just plain act fucking stupid, as if they left their shared brain cell in the parking lot. After escaping from the single celled beings, I went shopping at EconoFoods, much more peaceful.

Quick morning update – I just noticed that these NWS images/maps update on their own. So, that means these are current as of this morning 11/09/18.

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