TV And Internet

Just had a Spectrum service guy come to check my service here. For a while now, my internet would go down around 8:00 PM, but the past few days, it hardly has worked at all. Same goes with the TV. He gave me a new, different model, cable box and showed me the way into the settings. He said that few people actually use the full HD stream so the cable boxes by default are not set as high as they can be. He said I might have to go into the box settings if I lose power or unplug the unit to get it back to it’s full.
There were two main issues, one is within the line coming here. There are two panel things that send the signal to this house from the main junction near US41, and because I’m about the only person using this line, they were pushing too much signal, not enough people using what is being pumped through and the two panels were not sinking up properly. The other issue was the cable box it self, it was fucked.
So, looks like things are running good again…for now.

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