Surprise Snowfall

Woke up this morning, opened the door to see if it snowed, and boom, I had to push snow with the door to open it. We got 5.5″ of snow last night, with another inch today. Now there is an advisory for tomorrow for up to 9 inches. The snow was very light and fluffy though, so it was an easy job shoveling and clearing the drive.
Other news, so of. I’ve been looking for tires for the Subie, the ones on now are not very good and pretty warn out. I think I have some picked out, but not sure about being able to afford new tires. I keep working the figures and I come out just fine, but $550 isn’t easy and I need the damn tires. I looked at them when I bought the car and they seemed fine, but now that I’ve had it home and have really given it a much more thorough go over, I see I need fucking tires. One of the tires looks like it might even have a tube, at least that’s the way the valve stem looks. Fuck!

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