Keweenaw Fault

Headed out this morning to go along the shore near McLain State Park and Calumet Waterworks Park, but nether were looks all that great for photos, so I kept driving. I stopped along Eagle River where I’ve taken many photos, but it was all but completely frozen over. I drove as far as Eagle Harbor then started heading back. Along the way I drove a ways down Cliff Drive because the cliffs looked nice with all the new snow.
Not much else going on, just just, I don’t know.

Keweenaw Fault.
The Keweenaw Fault is a major geological structure, a giant thrust fault. It represents slippage of several kilometers, triggered by major continental movements. The fault is the boundary between the Midcontinent Rift System and adjacent Precambrian terrain. The fault is more than 100 miles long and is more than 1 billion years old.

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