Sucky Day

Yesterday they said it would be sunny and warm today, blah. It did get up to 37°F, but with heavy low dark clouds, even some very light misty rain. I didn’t get much done today, not sure why, just didn’t. The picture frame got a light sanding, a third coat of oil and it’s first coat of poly. I’ll put another coat of poly on tomorrow and it should be done. It just takes so long with it being so cold in the shop, drying times are extra long. Once this one is done, I plan to work on two more frames that are long and short. One will be for my photo from up on Denali Hwy of Tangle Lake, and the other for my white Tlingit board. This way I’ll have two going at once in hopes to finish quicker.
I was thinking of going out somewhere tomorrow, but the weather has been just crappy, not even like winter at all.
Anyway, not much else happening, though there is a storm coming in later tomorrow into Monday. We’ll see on that.

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