To Do

I was planing on going out today, but it’s really dark and gloomy, so I guess I’m staying in…again. I have a pretty large project to get started and done, I just need to get motivated to do it. My two spare rooms need sorting out, big time. When I first moved in I placed all my boxes in one room and the extra bed in another, well they’re backwards. The larger room has the boxes and the smaller the bed. I need to swap them around. I also want to make the smaller room into a project room (and maybe an office later) with a table to put things together, and just plain work on things. Anyway, I just need to get motivated and get it done.

Update – Well, I’m about half done. I have about half the boxes moved from one room to the other and the big job done…the bed is moved. What a bitch moving that mattress was. The room are across the hall from each other, but moving a king size floppy mattress is quite the chore. Also, I finally put the bed frame together, though I seem to have misplaced the center support leg. I hunted around and found a milk crate that is just the right height, so that’s in place until i find the proper support leg. Tomorrow I’ll try and move more boxes around.

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