Plans Shot

I was planning on going out today, but seeing that the fucktard ex-owner never showed up yesterday and I don’t know if he might show today and I don’t want to be gone if he does.  Another reason is that I don’t have anyway of locking up the shop, that needs to be remedied and soon even if it’s just a padlock. I guess I could do that today and check if they have a roof snow rake, as there’s quite a snow load up there. Also, the weather forecast doesn’t look as good as it did yesterday, pretty dark and gloomy…again.

Update 11:30am – Went and picked up a latch for a padlock at TruValue. It’s all installed and able to be locked now. Now I can leave (not today though, it’s too late and I’ve started on other things) and not have to worry about the ex-owner getting in for their stuff without me being here, nor anyone else for that matter.

Update 1:00 PM – Well, he did stop by to get a couple things. Glad I was here. He told me that his wife wants to speak to me about the money they think I owe them, and told him it’s not going to happen, not after all the things I have found fucked up when they both said there was nothing wrong with the place. He then told me that that is up to her as they are no longer together. He moved back up here about a month after moving down to Ohio and his wife has also moved back up here, but not together. He said he couldn’t stand living down there, but didn’t say why she came back up. She is living with her mother and he is living in some apartment in Lanse.
I guess this saga will continue. I don’t need this shit in my life.

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