Roof Cleaning/Raking

We closed at work early today, so I headed out to TruValue to see if they got their roof rakes in. No dice, and the truck won’t be in until tomorrow due to the snow storm. They were kind enough to call around other places to see if anyone had a roof rake, well, only one place had one left and that was Wilkinson’s Hardware in Baraga. I drove to Wilkinson’s to pick it up. This is the first time I’ve been in there, and wow, are they packed with stuff in there, they have just about anything you could think of. So anyway, got home, put the rake together and started working. I have half the house done now as I take a break and get something to eat. The rake it self is working quite well, the only problem I’m having is breaking through the hardened layer when we had freezing rain. The snow pack is kind of like a sandwich, snow on the bottom, a layer of icy stuff, then another 8-10 inches of snow on top.

Well fuck. one of the rake support members lost it’s nut and bolt, so now I’m about to head up on the roof on foot with shovels.

Okay, I’m done for the day, I just can’t do any more. I’m warn out and too fucking old for this shit.
I still have quite a bit of shoveling on the roof to do, but I can’t go any further right now. One last thing I did do was to put down some more salt where the ice is the thickest above the guest room. Along the back there was some light standing water along about half the house.
Next winter I’ll put up heat tape to keep the ice from building.

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