We did end up getting a pretty good amount of snow, 6.8 inches. Last night after I went to bed I got woke up by ice, sleet, something hitting the windows. I’m not sure what it really was, but it was noisy. I guess I’ll have to shovel some, just the front deck I think, but most should melt during the day with temps getting up in the low 40s.
Other news… I’m getting new and free webcam from Reolink. They have contacted me a few times asking if they could share a couple of my cam videos, but yesterday they asked if I could get a video of the storm for them, I said sure. They said if I do, they will send me a RLC-511 5MP 4X Optical Zoom Camera. That’s a newer model of the one zoom camera I have and goes for $110.99. Here is the link to their Facebook page with the video…
I’m sure I wont see the camera anytime soon, as I think it will be shipped from China. lol Anyway, I think it’s pretty cool.

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