Rough Night With Grizwald

I woke up around 1:00 AM smelling urine, so I got out of bed and checked Griz, he had peed a large amount and it smelled horrible. He’s diaper was soaked and over flowing. The urine is so fucking strong smelling, it’s been hard to get the smell out of the house. I’ve now cleaned the rug 3 times, though I don’t smell anything, or see anything on it, I’m still cleaning it. Griz is getting worse every day it seems. I know what needs to be done, but I can’t afford the vet bill to have him put to sleep. I’ve been reading up on using Benadryl or Tylenol PM to euthanize him, but I’m afraid to do if I do it wrong. I’m at a fucking loss. Really, I wish he would give up on his own, but he’s too damn stubborn.

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