Air Conditioning

I had never tried the air conditioning in the Subaru until lately, well I found out the other day it didn’t work. So, I did some reading on it, picked up a can of A/C recharge and went to work on it. First off, because it was dry of refrigerant, the compressor wouldn’t turn on and that’s needed to refill it and check the pressure. Took the relay out, got a paperclip and jumped it so that it was always on, this way I could fill and test the pressure. I had cold air! After that was up to par, I put the relay back in and turned the air on…no go. Started thinking and took the horn relay out and put it into the A/C spot, Yay, cold air. Back to the parts store for a relay. I got that, plugged it in, tested everything, and now I’m back in business with nice cold air pumping out when I turn it on.
It’s been hot the past few days, and it looks like it’s going to stay this way for a little while. You know it’s hot when people are swimming in Lake Superior lake they were today when I was running back and forth for parts.

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