Mowing Day

I need to mow again today, and it really sucks. The back half I haven’t mowed in a number of weeks and the grass and weeds are almost knee high. The front, closer to the house and what I plan to get to first, is quite deep also. I really dread mowing these days, it hurts my hips these days to walk so much back and forth on flat land, hills and around things don’t seem so bad, that’s why hiking around rivers and such is OK. If don’t get a lawn tractor soon I’m afraid this yard is going to become unwalkable because of the tall grasses.

Update 1:45 PM – I’ve been at it for 5 straight hours and I’m done for the day. I finished around the front of the house and all of the back yard. The side/back of house and up the drive still needs doing but I can’ do it today. My hips are shot for the day, and to top it off, it’s fucking 90°F outside with full sun shining and no wind, not even a breeze.

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