Worth It?

If this pain in my hip and leg can’t be resolved soon…   I don’t know.
I’ve had injuries before, quite a few very painful ones, but I have never had anything like this. It’s truly unbearable. I just finished shoveling my deck of about 2 inches of very light and fluffy snow, but by the time I was done (about 15 minutes) I could barely walk back into the house. I have two appointments with the chiropractor next week, but if I don’t feel there is progress, I’m not sure what to do. Also, because I can’t hardly walk more than about 25 feet at a time, I’m not getting any exercise, so I’m gaining weight, and that doesn’t help anything. I really can not go on like this.
Today I need to snowblow the drive again and bring in a couple bag of pellets for the stove. I should do some more work on the roof, but I highly doubt I’ll be able to. Clearing the drive will take a good number of hours because of all the stops I have to take.

Update – I got the drive cleared, a couple bags of pellets in, and a couple other small things, but I didn’t get to the roof. I just could not do it.
I will say though, I was able to do the drive with only two stops for pain. That is an improvement. I still had one hell of a lot of pain, but it was less.

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