Yesterday I took the day off to fix my snowblower shifter cable. That turned out to be a piece of cake easy. Before fixing the snowblower I went into Houghton shopping at WallyWorld because I needed a couple extra things besides groceries. I needed to stop many times due to my legs, as the pain was too much to walk. I barely made it around the store. After getting home, I unloaded the car one trip at a time and rest, then another trip and rest. The pain in my legs is changing a lot, but the pain is getting worse and this time while unloading the car my right leg went completely numb to the point where I couldn’t even feel if I had any weight on it. Very strange feeling. This was the first time the numbness happened and I think it’s from the drive. So that sure as hell rules out going anywhere this weekend for a drive. I’m getting really distraught of this. I tried some Hemp Oil, but that didn’t do a damn thing to help. Monday I have some proper CBD oil and rub coming in hopes that will help a little. I’m at the point where I can’t do anything, and I mean anything.

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