Umm Yeah

It’s been a while again, I know, I just haven’t been doing much.
This morning I went grocery shopping and needed to get gas for the Subie. The last time I got gas was January 2nd, just shows how little I’ve been out. Anyway, as I was shopping my hip flexor really started acting up and was very painful, though I didn’t have any pain in my leg. I thought things were getting better, maybe they are, but shit, I was hoping to maybe, just maybe, get out and about a little tomorrow, now I don’t know. This weekend is forecast to be really nice with sunny skies and temps in the high 40s today and mid 50s tomorrow. Today is very windy, so the temps don’t feel all that warm, and tomorrow sounds like it could be just a windy.
I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how I feel tomorrow about going out. Also, I hope the warm and sunshine melts the snow we got the other day because my driveway is a mess and I refuse to get the snowblower out.

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