Forgotten Post

I thought I had made this post earlier this week…Oops.

Last Sunday I headed up Pike Lake Rd to see if there was any Autumn colors starting as this area seems to start a bit sooner. Nope, very very little.
I spent the whole time flying around Horseshoe Lake, a small lake, almost just a pond. Just after I got the drone up to height, a big adult Bald Eagle flew right by me, within 30 feet. Then the first thought I had was, “shit, what if that eagle goes after the drone?”. Well, the eagle didn’t, damn good thing.

I also went to the small lighthouse here in Baraga on Sand Point and took a quick video. The wind was stronger than I had thought it would be, so I didn’t spend much time here.

Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake View

Horseshoe Lake

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