First Snow

Last Sunday we had our first proper snowfall.  Drove out to Big Erick’s Bridge, it was snowing pretty good while I was there. I had plans to fly the drone around, but no dice in the heavy snow, so I took a couple photos from the bridge.  I then drove out to the Slate River on Arvon Rd hoping to fly the drone there.  The snow was falling much lighter there so I did fly it for a bit. It was quite tricky flying with all the low hanging branches, took me three attempts to make it without the drone’s object detection stopping the drone.  The object detection can be turned off, but I’m not confident enough to fly without it. I don’t want to crash and wreck my drone, even if I do have insurance on it.
This past week was my first full week of work, without taking some days off, in over two months.  The full week didn’t really feel much different, as most my days off I end up working some anyway.
This weekend I not doing much at all.  Yesterday was super windy, though it did turn out quite nice with temps in the low 50s.  Today, well, it’s a snowy one.  Forecast is for up to 6 inches of snow and lots of wind.  What snow that does fall today will melt away during the week, we should be getting some nice warm days ahead with temps up into the 60s.

Huron River

Slate River

Arvon Road

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