Back Property Fly-over

First attempt at a proper video edit. Also, first time ever using Adobe Premiere Pro.
The music doesn’t quite fit, but hey, it’s in there. The video is probably a little long at 3:20 minutes, so I should have cut more out. All in learning.
This only took me about 1 1/2 hours, including the flight and learning the software.
I’m getting stoked about getting out somewhere besides my back yard with this drone and see what I can do.

First Flight

I got my drone today, set it all up and took my first flight. It was just a quick flight, I’m supposed to be working. It’s sort of windy today, so I didn’t know how the drone would handle, but it did wonderful. I took the drone up for a quick photo looking out at Keweenaw Bay from my house, though I only went up 92 feet due to not knowing how the winds were.
This is so cool! I haven’t been excited about something, anything, in quite a long time.
Anyway, this is the photo from my drone from my house looking out toward the bay, and like I said, it’s from only 92 feet up.
The photo is straight out of the drone, no processing on my part at all.

Clouds from about 300 feet. This is also the back of my property.