New Drone

I finally did it, I bought a new drone, a proper drone. I picked up a good deal on a DJI Mavic Air 2 from Amazon. It’s also on a payment plan, which is the only way I would have been able to afford it. Along with the drone I got the “Fly more” kit which has extra propellers, extra batteries, a bag and a couple other things.
I’ve had two previous drones, one quite a few years ago and was all manual and I called it Bruiser because I crashed it so much. The next drone I’ve had was a low end drone and did have a good camera and a number of other thing. This second drone did so me what I could do with a current drone though, so that’s what got me to buy this newest one. It’s not coming until next week, but I’m pretty excited about it.

DJI Mavic Air_2

Fly More Kit

Random Photos

Because I haven’t posted lately, here are some random photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks.

Work has kept me very busy ever since COVID-19 came around. I think that’s the main reason I haven’t posted as much as I’d like to.
Speaking of COVID, what a fucking disgrace the US has be come. We have a president that doesn’t give a shit about how many people are getting sick and dying.

Remembering Grizwald

It’s been one year since Grizwald passed over the rainbow bridge. I miss him every day.
Every night as I go to bed, I look out my bedroom window to see the little light I placed by Giz’s grave and say “Good night Grizwaldie”.
He always had this attentive and knowing look when I was talking to him.

My Beloved Grizwald

Cecropia Moth

Found this moth on my screen door this morning. It’s huge! The wing span is about 6 inches.
The cecropia moth is North America’s largest native moth. It is a member of the family Saturniidae, or giant silk moths. Females have been documented with a wingspan of five to seven inches or more.