Not Much Happening, Just New Lighting

’tis a chilly day, though it looks nice out with bright sunny skies. The weather forecast is for a good amount of snow, but so far only a couple passing showers. On the radar it looks like it’s snowing just about everywhere but here. So, because of the forecast I didn’t go anywhere today…again.
What I did do though was take one of the kitchen lights apart to put in an on/off pull. That went okay, but with the newer LED bulbs, it does close up all the way. I wanted the pull because the switch is over to the side and I have kitchen stuff in it’s way, so it’s a pain in the ass to use. Off to Amazon I went to find a cheap replacement. I found the type of light I’ve been looking for for quite some time, a retro Westinghouse flush mount light, and it was only $17.00. The light doesn’t have a pull built into it, but that’s no biggie, I can do that by just using the one I just used. Oh, and yes it will hold the newer LED bulbs. It has chrome around the base, but I think that will look good with the barn wood window frame that the light is above.
Anyway, I guess that’s about all.

What To Do

Not sure what to do today. I’d like to get out and do something, but it’s really dark and gloomy with low clouds. The brief warmup yesterday melted most the snow that was on the trees and such, so the rivers and waterfalls wont be all that great for photos. Even just going for a drive doesn’t seem that nice either. It’s also suppose to get colder as the day go on. Sooo, looks like I’ll just stay home, again.

Snow Shoveling

I’ve had to shovel the front deck a few times already this season, and today was no exception. With my leg and hip the way it is, it’s taking everything I’ve got to get that little bit shoveled. I have no idea how the hell I’m going to be able to snowblow the driveway when the time comes. Today I plan to drive the car up and down  the drive to pack the snow down, this way I wont be picking up stones when I do need to use the snowblower. Although, again, I have no idea how I’m going to be able to snowblow. I don’t know what to do.

Update:   Okay, so I ended up using the snowblower today after all. I did the large turning and parking area first, took a break, then did the rest of the drive. I didn’t feel much pain in my leg this time, but I sure as hell did in the front of my hip. I had to stop quite often to let the pain subside, but I got it finished.

Slate River and Snow

Woke up this morning to find about 3 inches of fresh snow had fallen over night. The snow is mostly gone now with the sun shining and temps up in the upper 30s.
Once it got bright enough this morning I grabbed Eli and we headed off to the Slate River in hopes of more snow to go along with the waterfalls. Well, there wasn’t any more snow out at the river than there was at home, but it was still nice. We weren’t out there few long because the sun started to break through the clouds and that’s no good for photos of waterfalls and snow, so we headed back home, though we were still out there a couple hours.
Once we were home I heated up some left-over pizza for my birthday dinner, yes it was early but I was hungry.

Oh, and today I join the 60 years old club. Fucking hooray.

Slate River

Slate River

Eli Howling

I don’t know what’s up, but Eli has been howling every time he goes outside. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now. He stares over toward the neighbors through the woods and howls. Today he howled at me as I walked out the driveway to get the mail. Most the time he just sits on the front deck and howls.
Also, Eli isn’t eating hardly anything these days. I’ve tried many different foods, including cooking some things for him, but he just wont eat more than a few bites.
I don’t know what the hell it can be that is wrong, or bothering him. Maybe lonely and missing Grizwald or another dog to play with, I just don’t know. He gets really sad if I leave him home if I go to the store to. And of course I don’t have anyone to talk to, to see what they might think.

Return To The River

Yesterday I went out not really knowing where to go, so I headed back out to where I was last week on the West Branch Huron River to explore a little more. Instead of stopping where I did last week, I took a right on a two-track that ran along the river. Driving real slow with my windows down, I was listening for the rush of water, either falls or rapids. I stopped not too far up the two-track and walked down to the river after hearing the roar of the river. It was a short walk down to a very beautiful location with a few short falls. I wandered up and down the river for a few taking many stops for either photos or to rest my leg.
Afterward I just carried on the trail, took another right where I had to ford the river, but had to turn back after a bit due to logging blocking the trail, although there was a Y that I had turned left on so I took that route that lead back to almost where I began. From it was homeward.

West Branch Huron River

West Branch Huron River

They Don’t Know…

They tell you not to cry.

They tell you that it’s just a dog, not a human being.

They tell you that the pain will be over.

They tell you that the animals don’t know that they have to die.

They tell you that it’s important not to let him suffer.

They tell you that you can have another one.

They tell you it’s going to happen to you.

They tell you that there is more pain.

But they don’t know how many times you’ve looked into your dog’s eyes.

They don’t know how many times you and your dog have looked into darkness alone.

They don’t know how many times your dog was the only one who was by your side.

They don’t know how much fear you have at night when you wake up with your grief.

They don’t know how many times your dog slept near you.

They don’t know how much you’ve changed since the dog has become a part of your life.

They don’t know how many times you hugged him when he was sick.

They don’t know how many times you’ve acted like you didn’t see her hair getting whiter.

They don’t know how many times you’ve talked to your dog, the only one who really hears.

They don’t know that it was just your dog who knew you were in pain.

They don’t know what it feels like to see your old dog trying to say hello.

They don’t know that if things went wrong, the only one who didn’t go is your dog.

They don’t know that your dog trusts you every moment of his life, even in the last.

They don’t know how much your dog loved you and how it is enough for him to be happy, because you loved him.

They don’t know that crying for a dog is one of the most noble, significant, true, clean and warmest things you can do.

They don’t know when the last time you moved him with trouble… made sure it didn’t hurt him.

They don’t know what it felt like to pet their face in the last moments of their life….

In Memory of all those who went over the rainbow bridge. You all have a place forever in our hearts 💕

Photo Travis Patenaude.
– author Emanuele Spud Grandi

I so miss how Griz would look up at me when I talked with him.