Campground – Day 14

Not much for today. The day started out much cooler than the past week or so, the low was in the upper 40s and it felt nice. Today it’s nice and sunny, a light breeze and temps around 70°.
It doesn’t seem like many campers are coming in this weekend, at least not yet.
I might go out for a shortish drive Sunday, not sure yet, but I do need to get out of this fucking camper for a while.

Campground – Day 13

Thirteenth day here and it’s driving me fucking nuts being cooped up in this camper. Even though this is a much better site I’m at now, it’s still a fucking campground. I just want to get moved into the new house. The delay is all due to it being a manufactured home and not a stick built home, many more hoops to jump through. It fucking sucks.

Finally found the damn serial number for the home. I just submitted it to to get a HUD label verification which should be here Monday or Tuesday. I just want this shit done and over with. I’ve even looked at other places in the $85,000 to $130,000 (with my current wage, I could go higher, but don’t really want to.) range just in case, but there really isn’t much out there.

Campground – Day 12

Rain, rain and more rain. It’s been raining all night and there’s small lakes throughout the campground. Funny thing though, all this rain and I’m out of water in the camper. I have a couple large containers to haul water in, but I’m going to wait until the rain stops, which should be fairly soon.
I still don’t have a closing date on the house, pretty much everything is waiting on the sellers to complete a couple of things.
I sure miss talking with my best friend, so much so I cry about it daily.

To be continued…

Moved to a new campsite this evening, it’s a site that can’t be reserved, so that means I can stay here for awhile I guess. The site is closer to the main road, but much more private, surrounded be trees, I can see the bay, and in fact, it’s quite nice. If I were ever to “want” to camp here, this would be the site I’d pick.

Campground – Day 11

Back to work today after the 3 day weekend. Weather is rain, rain and more rain, with temps around 60°. I really need to get laundry done, but I hate going to laundry mats. We need to get this house shit done and closed, staying in the fucking camper is driving me nuts.

To be continued…

Really nothing to add.

Campground – Day 10

Happy Labor Day. Looks like today will be the first in a while that no rain is expected with highs around 70°. I expect most of the people here will be packing up and leaving for home, I wish I was, but I’m still stuck here for a while yet.

To be continued…

Well, it’s about 4:30 PM and the campground is only about 1/4 full. It’s quiet again. Was a beautiful day, though I didn’t do anything, except napped, it’s the best way to pass the time. Probably try to watch a movie this evening, we’ll see.

Slate River
Silver Falls
Lower Section of Silver Falls

Campground – Day 9

Went out to a couple waterfalls today. We went to Silver Falls, Quartzite Falls, and up the Slate River. Was nice to get out, but couldn’t stay out too long due to the dogs being in the camper alone and it started to rain around 2:30 PM. Came back to the camp to find that it must have rained pretty damn hard, there was a small lake around the camper.
Again, it was a hot and muggy day, almost too much to deal with.

Silver Falls
Slate River
Quartzite Falls
Red Fungi

Campground – Day 8

It’s the first day of September and first day of Meteorological Autumn. We had some pretty good thunderstorms over night, again, and it was a warm/hot night with temps only going down to the upper 60s. Looking around, the campground looks to be packed full, though I wonder if they are here for the whole weekend or will some move on to other places. It’s 8:00 AM and still very quiet out there, we’ll see how long that lasts.
At some point today I need to go get some propane, as the refrigerator doesn’t seem to work on electric power, just propane. Other than that, I guess I’ll just be sitting back watching the people.

To be continued…

Was nice to see and bullshit with someone this evening, a couple of people from work came up for the weekend. I’m going to show them a couple easy to get to waterfalls tomorrow, they want to see some.
It’s so fucking humid tonight that I can’t run the air in the camper too long due to condensation developing on the ceiling, so much so it drips.

Campground – Day 7

My 7th day here starts out with rain, thunder and lightning, with a temp in the upper 50s. At some point today I need to go into Houghton for dog food and a few groceries. I have to make the trip as fast as possible due to the dogs being left in the camper.

To be continued…

Well, the place seems to be getting fuller, but not completely full yet.
While I was in Houghton, the thunderstorms were rocking there, even in the store you could hear and feel the thunder. Back at the campground, mostly sunny skies and temps in the upper 70s.
While in Houghton, I needed to go to Walmart (I hate that fucking place) to buy a vacuum, I left mine back at my old home in hopes it would help with the cleaning. That was a fucking mistake, I should have kept it. Anyway, I need a vacuum now to clean the camper of dog hair. I picked up just a cheap Dust-devil, it seems to do the trick here though.
My weekend plans? To do fuck all. I don’t have much choice.