So Tired

I was so tired when I went to bed, but I only slept for a couple hours due to too much on my mind about work, mainly getting the web server fully up and running. My bed sure did feel good though, even if I didn’t sleep much in it this night.

Good To Be Home

I don’t think I would ever say this at this house, but it’s good to be home. It was nice seeing my coworkers, and meeting a couple that I have only communicated with through email or phone, but all the same, I’m glad I’m back up here. And so are the dogs. Eli was all wiggly and smiling when I opened the door to the house. Griz I’m sure is happy to, but he’s in quite a bit of pain I think from not being able to move for days.

Last Full Day

This was my last full day being in the office. Tomorrow I’m going in for just a couple hours then head back home. I have most all of accounting up and running and that means we get paid as normal. The web server still won’t get any real pages until I’m home. I have enrollment server ready to. If I feel I have the time, I’ll get HR connected up again tomorrow, we’ll see.
The boys had a really hard time today. Griz never even moved in the car, just little cries all day, and Eli won’t eat this evening. I’m sure they’ll be better once we get home, but it hasn’t been good.

Sunday in P-Town

Spent the day at work working on servers. I have the web server up and live, but with only an image showing, the real site will be uploaded once I get home. The accounting server is also ready to go, all software is running with somewhat currant data, as of the 11th when I made a backup before the migration to a new server. I’ll be at work again tomorrow, Monday, for the day to get a couple more servers running. Tuesday morning I head home, and the boys will be happy about that, they’re having a rough being in the car for hours on end just laying there. I do go out every so often to see them and let them out.
Ya know, I thought it would be kind of good to see Petoskey again, but driving around a bit just shows me that, nope, I don’t miss it. The only things I do miss are Pipers Might Good Pizza and Arby’s.

Long Day

Left home at a little before 7:00 AM and got to work at noon and now in my room as of about 7:30 PM. Yeah, it’s quite a mess the place is in because of the ransomware that they got hit by. The FBI has been there for a couple days, I met one of them. I heard that a few places around Petoskey got hit by the same ransomware. Not one server is running, not one, they all have to be rebuilt. Our priority is the accounting server, web server and health/clinic servers. I have the OS’s installed on both the web and accounting, and most the software is installed on the accounting server also. Regina, tribal chairperson, met me at the door to say thank you for coming down. Tomorrow will most likely be another long day, but I should have both the servers I’m working on up and running and ready to go by end of day. Not sure how long I’ll be here, either leave Monday sometime, or work again all day Monday and leave Tuesday morning.
Right now I’m waiting for pizza to be delivered.
The boys did really well, even Griz, being in the car all day. Just hope they can do the same for the next couple days.

Work Travel

I guess I’m heading to Harbor Springs tomorrow, Saturday, morning to work on servers for a couple days. My main gig will be to get the accounting server up and running again so they can pay their bills and employees. Probably get the web server started, though not sure if it will be live until after I get back home. The dogs will be spending a few days in the car sitting in the parking lot, at least it’s not during the summer heat.
One good thing, I get to have Might Good Pizza!

Bad Shit at Work

Yeah, just as I got the new accounting server running smooth, we get hit by the Ryuk ransomware. All servers are affected and all files on the servers. My webserver also got hit, and so did my backup for the server. I have most all html files, but not all the documents, thousands of them. This is some nasty shit!

Snowstorm – Not

We were forecast to get a snowstorm today, but thankfully it kind of fizzled out. I only got 2.9 inches starting at 3:00 AM and mostly ending at 11:00 AM. Sooo, I went out and cleared the driveway before this wet heavy snow turned to cement later tonight. I like to keep the drive as clear as I can, that way when spring comes the driveway isn’t as much of a muddy mess as it could be.