Bad Shit at Work

Yeah, just as I got the new accounting server running smooth, we get hit by the Ryuk ransomware. All servers are affected and all files on the servers. My webserver also got hit, and so did my backup for the server. I have most all html files, but not all the documents, thousands of them. This is some nasty shit!

Snowstorm – Not

We were forecast to get a snowstorm today, but thankfully it kind of fizzled out. I only got 2.9 inches starting at 3:00 AM and mostly ending at 11:00 AM. Sooo, I went out and cleared the driveway before this wet heavy snow turned to cement later tonight. I like to keep the drive as clear as I can, that way when spring comes the driveway isn’t as much of a muddy mess as it could be.

Ice Chopping Day

Went shopping early this morning, came home and did a couple quick projects. Now, and for the past couple hours, I’ve been chopping ice on the front deck. There’s about 3 inches of hard ice that has accumulated, a lot of it is caused by Eli laying down on the snow, it then melts and turns to ice. I just haven’t been able to get any of it up until now. The temp as risen to a nice 41°F with filtered sun. I’m not getting all of it, but most, and the area I am doing is down the center where the dogs walk and so do I. I thought of going out for a drive today, but thought I had better get this ice job done.


Tuckered out. Just finished shoveling the roof for the second time this season. I had drifts of 3-4 feet up there. Before that, the driveway needed snowblowing.
Was a beautiful day to be outside though, with mostly sunny skies, light winds and temp that reached 25°. I had to ditch the jacket (I never wear a heavy coat) and cap down to just a t-shirt.
Tomorrow I hope to go out for a drive, though I know it’s going to be colder than a witches tit in a brass bra tomorrow. Probably just drive out Arvon and on to Herman again, it’s a nice drive with lots of snow. We’ll see…

Little More Storm Work

Shoveled a better path to the propane tank today so the delivery guy won’t have too hard of a time getting there, and I also went up on the roof. On the roof I got rid of the snow and ice along the front where it leaks, and man was/is the snow deep up there. I’ll need to do more snow removal on the roof, but I just can’t do it now, I’m too warn out from yesterday so might have to wait for a couple more days. Oh, and I made a path to the deer feeding area and a few deer stopped by, first since the storm.
Took a few more photos, these are of the driveway and my road, which is only about 1 lane.

Face toward town

Out to nowhere

Blizzard 2019 The Cleanup

Well we did end up closing at work today, so I didn’t need to use PTO to get all the snow cleaned up. In total I got 23.5″ of snow, then there were the winds that drift all that snow. I worked my ass off today, and I’m feeling it. I got the driveway completed and also two paths, one to the propane tank and the other to feed the deer. Tomorrow at some point, early I hope, I have to get on the roof again. The fucking spot above the guest bedroom is leaking again. Oh, and going along with that, I still have not heard a word from the ex-owner about my email, not a fucking thing. Anyway, I got finished with all the blizzard cleanup a little after 3:00 PM (started at 7:30 AM), sat down to watch some Tiger Baseball and fell asleep.
I took a number of photo during the day, following are a few of them.

Snowblower cutting through the drift

Snowblower cutting through the drift

Snowblower cutting through the drift


Subie with wings

Subie with wings

First look out this morning

Eli The Bird Whisperer

This is a new one for Eli. He’s outside, then I hear him howling, so I go out to see what’s up. Normally he will howl if he hears a siren, no siren this time. I stood there for a few and realized he was howling with the birds. Every time the birds would sing, Eli would howl with them.
Eli the bird whisperer.

No Sleep…Again

This is the second time this week I have woken up coughing with a tickle in my throat that won’t go away. With being quite busy yesterday and having to work quite late into the evening (I was informed that the Tribal Council primary list needed to be posted by midnight and didn’t get the list until around 9:00 PM), I was tired and felt like I could really sleep. No Dice. So I’ve fired up the pellet stove and made coffee. The pellet stove, well yesterday I picked up 4 bags of pellets from Tractor Supply and I have to say that they are much better quality than the stuff I’ve been burning, they even look different. They seem to burn hotter and with less ash. I only have 4 40# bags left of the 2 tons I got last fall, so I’m thinking I’ll start getting a few bags every Friday when I go shopping. I can make one bag last almost 3 days now ever since I’ve worked/fixed/cleaned the pellet stove.