Continue Moving to Menge Creek

As soon as it gets a little light out, I need to empty the truck and head over to get another load, most likely my final load without help for the really heavy stuff.
Today is starting out on the warmish side with temps in the mid 50s. It rained over night, and the forecast is for more rain later today, maybe heavy rain.
So, I need to get the truck unloaded and loaded again before the rain starts up again. Also, I’m thinking, if possible, of returning the truck today and then going shopping. There are so many little things I need to pick up, including food. This ginormous refrigerator I have now is…Empty. I have some dry goods somewhere in a box, just don’t know where yet.
Also, the ex-owners will be by today to get most of their remaining stuff, some in the house, but mostly in the quonset.
We shall see how this day goes.


Well, 90% of my stuff is out of storage and into the house or out building. What is left will be taken care of Saturday when I have help for the really big and heavy things.
Weather wise, it looks like we could have some good storms tonight. Wish I had my weather station up and running now, it will soon though.

Moving Day – Day 1

Today starts out on the cool side again, with a temp in the mid to upper 30s and cloudy skies. The forecast is for some rain this afternoon, but we might be on the very northern edge of the rain, so if it does rain, it shouldn’t be much.
I start moving into the new house today. The main objective is to get as much done as possible to make a path in the storage building to enable me to get to my mattress and get it moved. The move “should” go much smoother and quicker than when I moved out and put everything in to the storage unit. There isn’t really any corners or stairs to haul things up and around. Also, I’ll have the large quonset to put stuff into until I’m ready.
Anyway, it looks to be a very busy few days.


Well, I’m in the new house!
It was a long hard day. First the day started out about 3 hours later than I wanted. Then the kid that was suppose to be helping me was completely worthless. Thankfully Ben came by to help with the mattress’. I figure it will take me a good full day, plus part of the next to get the rest of my stuff out of storage. The large couch, table saw and a couple other things will have to wait until this coming weekend when Ben can come back to help.
The boys are resting as it was real hard on them today also.

Campground – Day 37 (Last)

This will be the last full day here at the Baraga State Park. Finally! Tomorrow morning I leave and start moving into the new house.
Today starts out on the cool side again, around 35° with mostly cloudy skies. The forecast says it should be a pretty nice day with highs in the 50s and some sun.
If I get my packing and cleaning done, though there really isn’t much at all, I may go for that drive for some fall colors. I did end up going to Walmart in Houghton yesterday to pick up a couple cheap floor runners so Grizwald has something to walk on without slipping. I know I’ll need more floor coverings, but it will have to wait until I’m in there and know just what sizes I need.
With these cooler night temps we’ve been having, the colors around here should be just about at peak this coming weekend.

Well I did end up going out for a few. I took Pike Lake Road again knowing that the colors should be coming alive.

Pike Lake Rd
Pike Lake Pond
Edge of Pike Lake
Pike Lake
Pike Lake Pond
Pike Lake Rd
Clear Lake Access Rd

Campground – Day 29

Awake at 1:30 AM with sharp pains in my head. It feels like a long needle being pushed through my brain. Oh well, doesn’t really matter, it’s not like anyone gives a shit anyway.
I saw on Facebook from NWS’s webcam the northern lights were out at about 12:30 AM, I went out and looked, nothing now.
It’s suppose to be a really nice day today, what to do? Oh, that’s right, not a fucking thing. Maybe go for a drive, I don’t know, maybe just sleep.


Well I did end up going for a drive today, and discovered new areas/lakes. I drove out Pike Lake Rd., followed that and turned on each side road that went to a lake. Pike Lake Rd. comes starts at M-38 and meanders to M-26 near Twin Lakes State Park. Once on M-26, I just headed back up to Houghton and then to the camper.
Fall colors are starting, but only in a few spots and areas. There was about 50-60% around Toivola, but most of the trip there was just spots here and there with color.
Anyway, it was good to get out, even if it was just for a little while. I need to do it more, it helps me forget all the shit that’s going on.
Following are photos from the drive.

The start of Pike Lake, sort of a swamp.
Pike Lake Panorama
Clear Lake. This was a really nice spot, high on a ridge over looking the lake.
Clear Lake
Sandy Lake
Emily Lake

Campground – Day 22

It’s the weekend, but as I’ve said before, while I’m here, weekends suck. Another warm night and morning with a temp of 65°, but it looks like there might be some rain coming in, we’ll see.
Other than that, it’s just another day of sitting around.


Pretty much a do nothing day, as are most while staying here. I did make a run into Houghton to go to Walmart for some tee-shirts, socks and underwear. The reason for getting those items is due to me still not getting any laundry done. I hate laundromats!
This campground is a zoo with kids this evening. People are even parking across the road at the roadside park. They are all coming here for trick-or-treat during the campground’s Harvest Festival. Tomorrow the place should empty out, and then I’ll go to the other end to have a look at another site to move to. I have to move Monday, they are closing down this end of the campground for the season.

Campground – Day 21

Another warm night with lows only reaching around 65° and clear skies. I was up around 2:00 AM. The campground is filling up for the weekend and for the campground’s Harvest Festival.
I really, really hope to hear something from my lender today about a closing date. I’m running out of time here and need to get moving. The sellers are in the same circumstance.


This fucking place is packed, packed with kids. :/ They are all here for the campground’s harvest festival.
Heard a little from my lender about the house today. –  “I just spoke with the appraisal company and they said the final inspection was received today and it is now in quality review. We should receive a copy by Monday. The file will then go back to the underwriter for clear to close review.”
This house shit can’t come to an end soon enough. It could have been done a couple weeks ago if it weren’t for the place being a manufactured home with all the extra shit involved because of that.

Campground – Day 20

Twenty fucking days in this fucking campground and camper. Weather is warm, 60°, and humid with sunny skies.
Grizwald had a tough morning getting out of the camper. I always have to help him, but this morning was harder on him. The smooth hard flooring wouldn’t allow him to get a grip to stand up to get out the door. We have to get the fuck out of here!

Nothing really much else for the rest of the day. Grizwald continued to have a hard day. I’m sure being in this fucking cramped camper doesn’t help. My back is fucked due to having no place to sit, or sleep, comfortably and having to lift Giz into the camper.

Campground – Day 19

Warm start for the day, 63° at 6:00 AM. We’re forecast to be up in the low 80’s again today with mostly sunny skies. At least the humidity isn’t bad, and I guess I should try to enjoy the warmth, it wont be around much longer.
House update – I asked if I could get a closing date yesterday, but my lender said he couldn’t give a firm date for a couple more days until the underwriters are done. So now it’s just a waiting game.


Nothing else really for today, just that it’s hot out, 83°. No news on the house today, though I didn’t really expect any. I tried sitting outside with the dogs, but they were getting over heated after a short time, so we came back in to the air conditioning. The noise from the road is really getting to me, mainly all the trucks that pass by.
Anyway, I guess that’s it, unless something happens which is doubtful.