Campground – Day 7

My 7th day here starts out with rain, thunder and lightning, with a temp in the upper 50s. At some point today I need to go into Houghton for dog food and a few groceries. I have to make the trip as fast as possible due to the dogs being left in the camper.

To be continued…

Well, the place seems to be getting fuller, but not completely full yet.
While I was in Houghton, the thunderstorms were rocking there, even in the store you could hear and feel the thunder. Back at the campground, mostly sunny skies and temps in the upper 70s.
While in Houghton, I needed to go to Walmart (I hate that fucking place) to buy a vacuum, I left mine back at my old home in hopes it would help with the cleaning. That was a fucking mistake, I should have kept it. Anyway, I need a vacuum now to clean the camper of dog hair. I picked up just a cheap Dust-devil, it seems to do the trick here though.
My weekend plans? To do fuck all. I don’t have much choice.

Campground – Day 6

Chilly-ish morning here. Temp was down to around 40°, though some areas in the UP were down in the low 30s. I turned on the heat in the camper, but it only lasted a few minutes before running out of gas…bummer. I’ll swap out a new tank later today so I have heat again.
The sunrise was beautiful this morning. I need to get down to the shore, which is very close, to get some photos one of these mornings.
Anyway, I guess that’s it for this morning.

To be continued…

Turned out to be a pretty nice day, weather wise. High temp was in the low 70s with mostly sunny skies. The dogs and I spent a little time sitting outside, they just laid there sniffing and watching, while I started a new book.
Campers are slowly starting to roll in, some are really nice big rigs. My guess is, is that tomorrow will be a busy day around here.
No news today about my mortgage, and the sellers will be out of town over the holiday weekend, so I guess I just sit here with the boys and watch the people. If I can get my ass moving one of these mornings, I’ll try to get a sunrise photo or two. Well see I guess.

Campground – Day 5

Another pretty uneventful day. Weather was overcast and the temp only made it up to 57°. The clouds are starting to break as I type this.
The campground should start filling up soon as Labor Day approaches. I’m not looking forward to a full campground.
I did get my work phone/service turned back on so I can have an internet hotspot and not eat up my personal data. So now I have two phones, one with my person number and the other with a work number and unlimited data.
There was some shit that happened today, but I wont talk about it. All I will say is, I did try my best and hardest for the time I had and I’m truly sorry.

Campground – Day 4

Gloomy, drizzly, overcast day with temp only at 60°. Last night we had some pretty strong storms roll through with some funnel clouds.
Other than the weather, not much else happening, just bored with hours of thinking.

Campground – Day 3

Third day here started out with some pretty good thunderstorms and heavy rain. The boys did better than I thought they would with the thunder and being in a camper. The weather currently is  mostly cloudy with at temp of 80° and very humid and sticky.
This is also the first full day back at work with some pretty sketchy campground wifi. The wifi does work, but it blanks out here and there and has a weak signal even though I’m only a little ways from the access point.
Being cooped up in this camper is already starting to drive me nuts. I can’t let the dogs out on their own, nor is there really any place just to walk around.
I try not to think about things that are gone or lost, but it’s very hard and when I do, I break down again. I haven’t really talked with anyone in days, so that make it even harder.

To be continued…

The appraisal for the house I’m buying came back today, and it came in lower than the selling price. I called the seller and told him what it was and he said “Okay, we can do that”.  So anyway, now we have to write up an amendment to the agreement stating the new lower selling price. Damn good thing to, because I have no idea what I would do if they said No. Also, this should make my payment lower, so I guess that’s good to. I have to head over to their place around 6:00 PM to get things re-done.
I just want this to be over with.

Campground – Day 2

It’s 10:30 AM and I’m bored shitless.
Weather is partly sunny, temp around 70°, and humid. The forecast is for possible thunderstorms later, that should be interesting with the dogs in a fucking camper.
With the rush to get out of Home, I didn’t even think of bringing a book or two with me, damnit. I can’t really go anywhere due to Grizwald’s leg/foot problem and there really isn’t enough room for the two boys in the backseat of the shit car I have now. Not sure what to do.

To be continued…

5:30 PM – Early this afternoon the seller and owner of the camper stopped by to see how thing are going, he also took me over to the house to get my grill to take back to the campground. That was the excitement for today. Other than that, it was too fucking hot to even sit outside, so the boys and I just sat around and napped in the air conditioned camper. It looks like it’s starting to cloud up now. We’re suppose to get some rain and storms tonight and tomorrow. I still need to get a book and maybe a couple magazines to read, maybe tomorrow if there’s a break in the rain. For tonight, I guess I’ll try to find another movie to watch.

Campground – Day 1

First full day here at the campground, yippee…Not.
The weather was damp and cloudy for a good part of the day, with the high temp reaching in the middle 70’s. As I type this it have cleared up quite a bit with some sunshine.
For being a Saturday, the place is pretty quiet, not much going on here. I got up around 5am-ish, had some coffee and headed for one of the showers. This first shower was not very nice at all, very small and quite a few bugs flying around. I did not like it. Tomorrow I will try another shower that looked much larger. I did get some much needed rest/naps in today though, and we (the dogs and I) sat outside watching the few people that passed by. Grizwald was his ever on alert self while out there, while Eli mostly slept enjoying the cool shaded ground.
Wifi internet here is sometime good and some not, and it doesn’t seem to be the number of people camping, it just blanks out for a couple moments then back on again, ah well. I did subscribe to DirecTV Now which is only $15 a month including HBO and I can cancel at any time. So, at least I have TV and movies to watch on my PC.
It’s a little after 7:00 PM, so I’m going to sit back and watch a movie.
Anyway, that’s about it for this first day at the campground.


Well, I’m here and partly setup. I didn’t have time to pickup and clean Home before my time was up and had to leave. I sure did cry as I pulled out the drive for the last time, and it really hurts to even type this. I have so much stuff here in the camper, but I didn’t know what to bring or what I would need. This is so hard, so so hard, and I don’t have anyone to talk to about it.
My internet connection is very weak, as is my cell reception, but I think both are due to being inside a metal box. I don’t know what else to say at this point, except this is where we are living for a good number of weeks. 🙁
I’m just so tired, so very very tired.