Not Much, Just Stove

I haven’t felt like doing much lately, just haven’t felt it. I did get a new blower for the pellet stove installed and also found many ways to tweak the settings, so that’s up and running again. It wont be running for all that long though, as I’m just about out of pellets and I don’t think I can afford more and I’m not sure any can be found this time of year. Besides, I need to try and save up for tires and a fucking lawn tractor.

I Asked Many Many Times

I asked so many times if there was anything wrong or not working correctly about this house when talking to the previous owners. They always said “No, there’s nothing wrong, we love this place”. Well, as time has past, I keep finding more crap wrong or broken. Today I dug into the pellet burner, as the fan never seemed to be working. Yeah, the fucking blower wasn’t working at all and dirtier than a whore’s ass. I’ve ordered a new one from Amazon and it should be here Monday. After I put it in, this fucking cold ass house might get warm. Now I know why they had a fan on top of the burner. Fuck You!

Tangle Lake Framed

Finally finished the Tangle Lake frame. It took some time to dry. Now to start on frames for Dancing Bears, these will need some kind of backing. I have cardboard, but not sure if I have pieces that can be cut to the right size without having a crease in it. If I don’t have any good cardboard I’ll have to buy some backing.

Tangle Lake on Denali Hwy, Alaska

Another Keweenaw Round Trip

Yesterday a friend was in the area again and was going to head up into the Keweenaw, so he stopped by and we headed out for the day. Being winter, about the only areas you can get to are on the main roads so we headed up the east side and back down the west side. Along the way we stopped at The Gay Bar in Gay, MI, this was the first time I’ve ever been in there and it’s quite nice. We just had a quick drive and headed on. We stopped at the usual spots, Copper Harbor Lighthouse, along the western Lake Superior shore and Eagle Harbor Lighthouse.

Superior Shore

Superior Shore

Superior Shore

Superior Shore

Superior Shore

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Icy Cedar

Sunday Outing

I like to go out and about on sundays, but I don’t think it’s going to happen today, I’m not feeling all that well. Also it’s quite cold out at 0°F, though the forecast is for mostly sunny and into the low 30s, but that temp wont happen until late afternoon. So instead of going out, I guess I’ll try and get some things done around the house, like sand down one of the frames I made yesterday and give it a first coat of poly. I also really need to get the shop better organized, right now it’s kind of haphazard.

Two More Frames

Today I made two more picture frames. One for the Denali Hwy of Tangle Lake photo, and the other for my white Tlingit board. They are both assembled, but I’m thinking of just putting poly on them and not sanding. I think do that it will be pretty cool looking. Before starting on the frames, I went into the woods a bit and got some wood to burn. Firing that old wood furnace up does help warm the shop up, at least to the point I can work in there without freezing.

So I put the Tlingit Board in the frame and I’m not sure if I’m going to do anything more to the frame, as in putting poly on it.

Frame Complete

Yesterday knowing it would be the last day above freezing for a while, I decided to give my picture frame one more coat of poly. This morning I went out and grabbed it and brought it in the house to finish drying. The third coat really did the trick on the wood. It was still tacky when I brought it in the house, but within just an hour or so it was dry enough to put the photo in, so I did. I’m really happy with the way the frame turned out, just wish the photo posted here would show better.