One Hour

Looks like sleeping tonight isn’t happening, at all. I slept for about 1 hour, woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep, so here I am at 12:45 AM.

Update 10:00 AM… Trying to run speaker wire between the wall and ceiling instead of draped across the floor as they are now. This is not going well.

Update 6:00 PM… After fighting with the speaker wire for awhile, I sat back to relax a bit, next thing I knew, just about 3 hours had passed. I zonked. I did finally get the wires ran after that long nap.
I need some shelving, as I don’t have any place to put books, trinkets and stuff. Need to get my shop setup I guess, but I need some heat in there, it’s fucking cold in that building.

Think I’ve Figured It Out

Yes, I think I know why I’ve been in such a funk for so long…
I feel displaced.
Nothing around me feels familiar, recognizable or homeish, with the exception of the furniture and stuff. I don’t feel at home, as if I’ve been placed somewhere unknown . I’m driving an unknown car. The property feels like it’s someone else’s. The list goes on.
Related to this, I’ve been putting up curtains and putting down a number of area rugs, in hope it will make this place look and feel better. Also I’ve put knobs on the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. I have no idea at all if any of it fits in together or looks good being color blind, but I guess who give a shit.


I’m moving furniture around again today in the hopes to make more room and just plain have it work better. I have to say, I really hate open floor plans and the fact that the pellet stove is center along one wall and sticking out like a sore thumb. Wish I had someone to talk to about this crap.
Weather today is pretty crappy, it’s a cool 44° with light rain.

Not Much…

Not much happening here today, just work. It’s a beautiful day out, nice sunny skies, temp pushing 50° and hardly a breeze. Most of the leaves have fallen now, so pretty soon it will be just a grey landscape until the snow falls to stay. I do have plenty of stuff to do around here, but I’m just not feeling it.
I guess that’s it for now…

Well, something kind of exciting, for me anyway. I got a new phone. I now have a Samsung Galaxy S9+. Pretty much the same as the Note 8/9, just without the stylist that I hardly ever used. I got the phone through Charter/Spectrum for $45 per month including the service.

Fucking Squirrels

I have squirrels, red squirrels, chewing inside the walls and ceiling. Yesterday I put together a trap/drowning thing to try and kill them off. I went to TrueValue and they cut me two 4″ PVC pipes 5′ long each. I put peanut butter in the top opening then some more about 1 1/2 foot down the pipe, the pipe then sits in a bucket of water. Once the squirrel get in the pipe, it can’t get out and drowns. Unlike Chipmunks, squirrels can swim, so that’s why the use of a long pipe, they can’t climb back up, it’s too slippery. I guess the one benefit of not sleeping is that while I’m awake and making some noise, they keep quiet and stop chewing.

Coat Rack Hung

Finally got my old coat rack hung near the front door, the newer log rack I’m going to hang in my bed room. This job took a number of days due to it being drywall and nothing I tried worked. So, I looked on Amazon for drywall anchors and read the reviews. The photo below is very similar to what I picked up at TrueValue this morning. You drill a 1/2″ hole, slide the steel end in and make sure it flattens out, then push the plastic piece up tight to the wall and last, break off the plastic bits that everything is attached to. These are by far the best and easiest I have ever used. Also, each one will hold up to 80 pounds, much more than I needed but stronger the better.

Other than that, not much going on today besides more unpacking. I did go grocery shopping, yippee.

Getting Pissed Off

Yes I am! So the water here has an eggy smell when it’s first ran, hot or cold, but after a minute or so the smell goes away. There’s a Evolve Conditioner in the house, but the readout screen is broken and every night around 8:00 PM it starts beeping. With the screen broken, there is no way of seeing what is happening, like an error of some sort, so I just press a button (any button) to stop the beeping. Also, it seems like it’s not using any salt at all. Earlier today I contacted the closest seller/service place about the unit, which happens to be in Norway, MI. They told me that one, the PC Board needs replacing so that the screen then works, it’s all one unit. Then two, they said it sounds like the unit isn’t working at all and plugged up if it’s not using any salt and there is still a smell. Well, I was told by the ex-owners that it worked fine, just the screen was broken. Wrong! So, it’s going to cost me about $300 for the PC Board and another $125 for a service call to fix things up and get it working again. They also told me that the only service call the ex-owners ever had was the freebee one year after it was purchased, which was in 2013. It should be checked and a minor $7.00 part should be replaced once a year. With that being said, the service guy told me I could just unplug the unit now, which would stop the beeping, because it’s not working anyway and wait until the part comes in and the service call.
Anyway, I’m pissed off about this when the ex-owners said it was working fine.