It’s Done

I guess my divorce is final. Been crying all day thinking about how much of a fuckup I am and how I hurt my one true love. I’ve been wearing my wedding ring, but I guess it’s time to take it off. I wish my ex-wife the best and hope she has a very happy life. At the same time though, I will always hold that slim hope of us being together again, as I know with all my heart she is my last love.

Feeling Paralyzed

Yes, that’s how I’m feeling, paralyzed. I can’t seem to get anything done, like calls, cleaning, packing, anything. I’m so fucking stressed, shaky, crying, and heart pounding all the time. I need someone to talk to about this and maybe help by pushing me. I don’t know. I feel like I”m completely falling apart. breaking down. Please

Out Looking…Again

Went out today to see if I could find any homes that were for sale by owner that aren’t listed online, but once again, nothing. I did drive by one house that I saw online that said owner financing, but the place was so small I doubt my bed would even fit in the house, and they were asking fucking $69,000 just because there’s a lake across the road.
So, after striking out again I drove along the shores of the Keweenaw to try and enjoy myself a bit. It worked at times, but mostly not, I couldn’t stop shaking and crying for no reason. I so love taking photos and trying new techniques in doing so, but it’s been so very hard to do lately.
I’m trying to go through some of my photos from today, but I don’t know, I’m still shaky and just not feeling well, maybe if I try eating something.

Update: Slowly adding more photos.

Western Keweenaw Shore

Western Keweenaw Shore

Eastern Keweenaw Shore

Keweenaw Conglomerate Along The Western Shore

Log Along Keweenaw Shore

Western Keweenaw Shore

Old School Merry Go Round

The Stewart J. Cort. First 1,000 footer on the Great Lakes.

The Stewart J. Cort. First 1,000 footer on the Great Lakes.

Something Done

Well, I did get something done today…I mowed the back yard, had to do something and not just sit. My plan, as of earlier this week, was to mow what I did, then get the orchard part done as it hasn’t been mowed in about a month and has just about gone back to wild. I can’t do the orchard part, it’s too hot and I just can’t stop fucking shaking. At 11:30am it’s already 85°F with a heat index of fucking 94°F and rising. So fuck it, nothing more I can do but try to keep cool and continue to search online for some fucking ass place to live. I wish I could stop shaking though, it scares me.

Update: Temp is up to 88°F and heat index of 97°F. I’ve tried to sit back to stay cool, but this feeling of dread overwhelms me. I’m fucking scared, really really scared.


I wish someone would call me, I feel so lost and don’t know what to do.

Not bothering to go to bed tonight, I don’t sleep anyway all I do is nap. Also it’s too fucking hot to sleep.

Fuck It All

That’s really all I have. Fuck everything. Those are my feelings. At some point soon, there’s a very good chance I’ll be homeless. Without a home, I have no job, without a job, I can’t have a home, so fuck it. To top that shit off, Grizwald had a very bad day yesterday. He shit 5 times in the house, and I don’t think he even knew what was happening, it just happened. He seems better today. Of course I haven’t slept, all I’ve done is cry, so fuck it. Grizwald’s time might be near, as mine could be to. Fuck it. I will carry on today as normal, work and go grocery shopping at lunch time, why, I have no idea. I might go out for a drive Sunday just to get out of the house. Wish I could take the boys with me, but Giz can’t travel at all.
I can’t type any more, my chest hurts and I’m shaking too much.
Fuck it all


One Year

Today, one year ago, marks the start of the worst year in my life, and it seems to only be getting worse. There have been times of hope, but all those to have deflated. I hope this year will be better, but it to isn’t looking very promising.
My plains for today are/were to get out and try to enjoy myself, but it’s going to be some damn hot again, into the 90’s, that it’s not good for the Jeep on trails and the bugs are out in force with the heat. I still might go, just don’t know. Also I haven’t slept well in days, weeks really due to the heat and all the crap running through my head.
I don’t know, I just don’t know what to do about anything right now.

Housing and Outing

Went out again today to look at a couple more houses that I had appointments to see, but no dice, again. Everyone I’ve talked with isn’t willing to work a land contract and I can’t get a fucking loan. I need a year or so to get my credit back up and in order. There’s no fucking rentals around due to people displaced from the flooding and many students are staying here because they are afraid they wont be let back in the country due to the Asshole in Chief, the person that stays part-time in the White House.

So after striking out again on housing, I went for a drive out past Copper Harbor to Horseshoe Harbor and went for a little hike and took some photos. I then went down the road further and made a loop back to Copper Harbor, along the shore and back home. Damn, the tourons are out in force today, driving fucking 40mph in 55mph zones, and they fucking wont pull over to let people pass.

Anyway, a bit about the rocks around Horseshoe Harbor…
The rocks at Horseshoe Harbor are 20-30, some areas closer to 40, feet high.
This is some of the oldest exposed bedrock on Earth.
These are the structures formed through sequences of volcanic activity separated by weathering and erosion. Initially, about a billion years ago, lava poured onto the Earth’s surface from openings created by a Mid-continent rift. The lava filled the valley created by the rift, and cooled rather quickly forming the basalt and rhyolite found here. During a time of little or no volcanic activity, weathering and erosion from the edge of the volcanic rift along with ancient mountains led to deposition of sediments in the rift valley. These two processes alternated over time. The immense weight caused the entire area to sink, and become cemented together. Finally, a collision of continental plates caused the entire rock formation to be tilted and revealed the structures that you see here today at Horseshoe Harbor. They are formed mainly of igneous rock, with a high percentage of densely formed basalt and rhyolite. Cementing the conglomerate structure is a small percentage of sedimentary rock such as shale and sandstone which are generally not as strong and durable as igneous formations.

Horseshoe Harbor

Horseshoe Harbor

Horseshoe Harbor 6 Image Pano

Horseshoe Harbor Conglomerate Ridge

Piece of Stromatolite from the Precambrian era and are the earliest known fossils on Earth. Stromatolite can be found throughout the Horseshoe Harbor area.

Pond Along Mandan Rd

Keweenaw Shore