I Sometimes Wonder

I do, I wonder why I work so hard around the house trying to make it look nice. Why should I care? It’s not as if anyone will ever see what I’m doing or have done. So why do it? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a need to keep busy, I don’t know. I’ve done a number of things inside and out that I think are nice, but why, why should I give a shit, it’s just me and the dogs.
I don’t know, I just sometimes wonder way.

Not Much, Just Mowing

Not much happening today, just did some mowing. Hmm, mowing, it seems like I mow just about every day during summer. I guess that’s what I get for clearing away so much tall grasses and such. The only other thing besides work, was after dinner I sat out back with the dogs for a while. That was nice, nice and sunny and temp in the low 70s.

Here’s a photo from the other day while lost, so I guess it wasn’t a waste being lost, this was a really nice spot.

East Branch Huron River


That’s all I can say about it, just worried. I know everything will be okay, but still worried.

Update –  Relieved! All went well. Tears. Love.

Update 2 – Funny, I can’t seem to stop crying. It’s a mixture of of relief, love, and so much more.

Only 3:00 PM And It’s A Productive Day

Yes, that’s right, it’s still early in the day and most my to-do list is done.
Following is my list:
√ Spray dogs with flee and tick stuff
√ Spray around yard with tick killer
√ Fix front storm door so it shuts correctly
√ Uncover morning glories
√ Mow  areas I want larger and through Blackberry patch
√ Clean Hummingbird feeders
√ Fix outdoor water tap
√ Go buy clamp for the water tap
√ Get tank of propane for grill
√ Take barn ramp apart and pitch it
List of what still needs going:
Clean up remaining leaves
Fix cam that’s on the barn. It’s not working at the moment
Plant the rest of plants outside. Waiting until tomorrow because we might have frost tonight
Wash windows. I still might do some of them today

So anyway, was pretty productive for being so early in the day. Now it’s time to get something to eat.

Weekend of Yard Work…Again

I really need to get things done around here. There are plants that need planting, leaves to be cleaned up, mowing to be done to cut down on the tall stuff for ticks, spray around the house and fenced for ticks, and spray the dogs down with tick spray, and the list goes on. I wouldn’t mind getting out on the trails again, but then again, it’s just not the same anymore, not as enjoyable.

Another Day of Yard Work

Another day of yard work today. As much as I would like to go out on the two-tracks and waterfalls, I need to get things done around here, that and I don’t have the money.
Today I hope to get the remainder of the leaves and crap picked up, and get my Lupine transplanted.
Yesterday I widened the mowing area by about 50 feet. This is an area that I’ve wanted to get mowed down for some time now, but just haven’t. There’s some really tall grasses that grow in part of the area, over six feet tall.
Also, found the first tick of the season crawling on me. I hate those fuckers! I guess it’s time to put the Deet on before going out in the thicker stuff.
Oh yes, one more thing I need to get done today… Spray the barn with vinegar to help get rid of the smell and to help keep squirrels out.

Not Much…

Nope, not much done today, too tired, didn’t get much sleep. Last night I covered the morning glories with plastic because it was going to get colder than 32°F, and it’s damn good thing I did, as it got down to 28°F. They all seem to look fine today, so I’m thinking that they have gotten over the transplant shock and made it through their first cold night.
Today I did spray around a bit with bug Tick killer. The dump trailer got hauled away, but I have to stop in there tomorrow to pay for the weight, fuck I hope it’s not too much.
The only other thing I did was hang a sign on the barn, a Big Foot Crossing sign. For a couple years now I couldn’t make up my mind where to put it, so today I said the hell with it, and put it on the barn. Ignore the busted ramp, I’ll probably just remove it, I have the back door working now.